Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nothin Doin

I fell asleep on Dad's arm, I know, looks comfy huh?

A picture a day.
Well yesterday was a pretty standard day for me.  Woke up.  Ate.  Pooped.  Slept.  I did those four things through out most the day in no particular order.  Mom must have read yesterdays blog, because she didn't eat one thing in front of me the whole day. Bravo Mom, bravo.  We did make a trip over to TGH. (The Girls House.  They are some of my Moms best friends, and some of my favorite aunts).  We got to check out their new place and hung out in the back yard for most of the evening were I met another four legged furry baby named Roxy.  Now neither Roxy nor Sebastian are very smart, all they did the whole night was chase sticks and tennis balls.  I haven't figured out what they are exactly, but they are definitely not intelligent creatures.  Until next time, good bye.


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