Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sup people.
Its about 7 am on Saturday the 27'th and I have been up for about an hour with dad, and about two hours with mom before that.  So I thought I would get a blog in.  
You know I haven't been up this early in a while, but it gives me a chance to appreciate this part of the morning, watch the sunrise, and collect my thoughts.  I know Mom and Dad like the morning too because I heard them arguing over who wanted to wake up with me.  I tried to tell them that they could both hang out with me if they wanted but I guess they misunderstood because I was with Mom first and Dad after that.  I don't know why they didn't just wake up at the same time, seems easier to me.
Enough about me though, its time to talk about my day yesterday.  Went for a little drive with coolest people in the world (Mom and Dad) after they cleaned the house for Jordan when she comes to visit.  We all went so Mom could get fitted for a brides maid dress, Dad looked bored.  I guess we are all going to Texas for a wedding.  Mom says I am going to love Texas.  After that Dad went into work at the Olive Garden, and a little later Mom and I went into visit him where even more people told me how cute I was.  Well actually they told Mom, but its the same thing. (Side note:  If this many people are telling me I am "so cute" then it must be true, right?  Right.  So I am putting it out there as a fact to go along with gravity and Santa Clause, I am really good looking.  Glad I got that off my chest).  Everybody I meet keeps telling the CPW (Coolest People in the World) "congratulations".  I haven't quite figured out why yet, but when I do I will be sure to let my peeps know.  Until then, peace out.

When I took this picture I was trying to figure out what that sound was that just came from my diaper.  It kind of sounded like a duck, but I didn't see one around when it happened.  


At June 27, 2009 at 10:25 AM , Blogger Tess and Garet said...

Beckam, you're such a cutie!! You should tell your mom and dad that we're now "blog friends". I added you to mine and you can look up ours if you want at I love you guys!

At June 27, 2009 at 1:23 PM , Blogger MiriamR said...

Beckam you look way older than you are. It must be that hair of yours. Your still a cutie though!

At June 27, 2009 at 4:52 PM , Blogger Aaron & Susan said...

Its nice to meet you Beckam!! You should be blog friends with us so that you can stay up to date on your (distant) cousin Laynie when she comes :)


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