Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of Jewllie!

Opa and Grandma and Me
American made baby!
Mom made me post all of these pics.

Happy Independence Day!
Well I know its a day late and a dollar short, but happy fourth anyways.  Yesterday I was all over Utah,  first down in Provo and later up at Grandma's house.  Mom, Dad, Sebastian and I started off at a Barbeque in P-Town where my suspicions of being famous were again validated when I was showing off my new shirts.(Thanks Holly) Everyone kept taking pictures and telling Mom how handsome I was.  The best part of the bbq was when Dad got drenched, just classic.  Mom seemed to enjoy it too.  I also am getting very curious about eating real food.  I watched as everybody around me ate all kinds of food.  Both at the BBQ and at Grandma's house later where I met three more of my wonderful cousins Maggie, Ashley, and Paige along with their wonderful Mom Allison. (Who by the way loves hugs, next time you see her just squeeze away) We capped off the night by watching Dad and others light fireworks.  At first I thought they were called "near death experiences", but apparently thats just what Mom call's them.  Until next time, enjoy your freedom.


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