Monday, June 29, 2009

Not much

Catching me asleep is sort of like seeing a unicorn

Well today was a pretty uneventful day, nothing too exciting to report on.  So I thought I would vent about a personal issue.  (Other than the second half collapse by the Americans yesterday) With the exception of this one blog, I can't use my arms or legs, and it is supremely frustrating.  I have them, I just can't use them.  Its not as though I don't try, I kick and squirm as much as possible and I now know what a fish out of water feels like.  Imagine trying to scratch an itch above your eyebrow, but instead of scratching it with a finger, your fist rolls over your nose instead.  Its like staring at a blank check with your name on it from Oprah but no matter what bank you take it to, no one will cash it.  So if anyone is wondering why I spend the majority of my day crying, now they know.  Until next time, live long and prosper.
Jordan makes a great pillow.


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