Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So yesterday the CPW and I went back up to Grandma and Opa's house for a sunday cookout.  I am starting to get more than a little frustrated that everyone eats what ever they want around me, knowing full well that my options are limited.  I can state for a fact that formula is no good.  Seriously, no good.  Next time you pour a nice cold bowl of cereal for yourself, try it with formula.  Not cold formula, but luke warm formula.  If you don't have any formula handy, just leave the milk jug on the window sill for about two or three hours.  Doesn't sound so good does it?  Look, I'm not trying to complain, I got a pretty good thing going here.  All I am asking for is a little courtesy,  while I suck on room temperature powdered milk try not to eat steak, hot dogs, or any kind of baked good around me. The smell alone is torture enough.  Its bad enough that I have to watch a furry four legged baby go where ever he pleases (not to mention everyone else) and watch Mom feed him a little bit of whatever she is eating.  So please, a little respect.  Until next time, peace.  
The furry four legged baby (Mom calls him Sebastian, Dad calls him "Stop it" or "Off", I don't know why.)
It was a pretty long weekend for me


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