Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well it is good to be home. New Mexico was a blast although the ride to and from was less then pleasant. I did book a five star drive for the trip down there. I was promised a smooth ride with plenty of elegant food, top notch entertainment, all in a plush seat with plenty of leg room. I would have been a fool to pass up such an offer, right? Wrong! As I began the trip I realized what was really behind the curtain.
The Plush seat I was promised turned out to be the same drab car seat I have been requisitioned to by my parents, it was just in a more luxurious surrounding. What about the elegant food? Well there was plenty of food, calling it elegant would be like trying to pass off a chicken fried steak T.V. dinner as a Filet Mignon. Just because the food came from a place named Burger King, does not make it elegant, it provides the gift of constipation. To make things worse, apparently "top notch" entertainment is another way to say "previously viewed" entertainment. The only thing that was five star was the service. I had personal drive liaisons seated on my left and on my right. They would feed me whenever I needed, and although it wasn't elegant food, my liaisons did there best to make it readily available. They would prop up my feet and provide me with warm blankets (although a certain blue and white blanket only kept me warm one out of the four times I used it... weird). They had pre selected some of my favorite books to read as well as a few of my favorite toys. They even provided an i-Pad for my own personal use. I really do give them high marks for service. The "smooth ride" was smooth but broke down for an hour on the way home. While I waited for the repairs to be made I had the earnest pleasure of seeking shelter under a melon stand during a downpour. Maybe that was the elegant food I was promised, or at least a remedy to the constipation. The next time I book travel I will be sure to ask for references and book one way, so I can leave my options open for the return trip.

On a side note, I highly recommend heading down to New Mexico for the annual Balloon Fiesta that is held there every year. It is truly something to behold. I attached a few pictures of my visit to the fiesta. Until next time, enjoy the rest of your evening.


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