Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Mexico or Bust!

So I am off to New Mexico to visit my namesake and his family. Who is my namesake? That would be Daniel Reeves, my dads twin brother. I guess I am named after him because we are both so similar. We both have been known to throw a fit a time or too, we usually get our way because it is easier than have to deal with us or talk some logic to us, and we get cranky if we don't get enough sleep.

I am headed down with Gropa, Dad and aunt Heather... in one car. I am going to try and make this a very, very, very long trip for them. Grandma might spoil me the whole way down, so I might be outmatched there, but I should hold my own against the rest. I really hope Dad packed enough food, I am more than a little worried about it.

Its going to be very hard to leave mom though. It will be the first time I have left her home alone for more than a night. She is probably going to move all my toys who knows where so I won't be able to find them, and on top of that I bet she will eat all my snacks to. I am probably going to pick up some padlocks for the cabinets just in case.

Well I am off so until next time, enjoy the chips and salsa.


At September 30, 2010 at 2:10 PM , Blogger MiriamR said...

We are soooo excited to see you Beckam! Especially Eva and Alexander


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